Jeroen Keesom

Aviation and IT is for me the best combination there is.


About Jeroen Keesom

Aircraft maintenance

Started as mechanic in aircraft maintenance, become a ERP (AMOS - swiss-as) appliction administrator and start my own small it firm.

Programming Project

PHP7 / HTML5 / CSS / Bootstrap / Javascript

Most of the projects written by PHP are undisclosed due to company rights.
Example of web-based application that i have written are a aviation maintenance platform coordination program
this program is still used by Nayak Aircraft Services Amsterdam
As well i have written the access portal for EXSYN Aviation Company
some other code is released code is available via GITHUB


Some code that I have written is in the Python language
I have mainly used it on the raspberry for home assistance projects.
Code example will be published soon on GITHUB

IOT Projects

IOT - Lowawan / TTN (The Things Network)

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